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Job Details


Job Details

Ihre Aufgaben

  • Responsible for the documentation and development of our software components at our Competence Centre as well as the smooth running of the software development
  • Rigorous analysis and structured documentation of complex legacy software written in C in order to retrieve knowledge about the architecture, software design and workflows of our lab instruments
  • Test of functional workflows of our instruments directly on our lab instruments (i.e. not solely on virtual machines) in order to gain insights about the functionalities of our instruments
  • Analysis of the current technically out-dated test framework, and participation in the establishment of a new state-of the art test framework in order to establish proper unit testing
  • Independent development and design of software components such as the system architecture for laboratory automation systems as well as their verification using whitebox tests, code reviews and creation of the corresponding documentation
  • Responsible for creation and documentation of Software-Detailed-Design, participation in definition of software requirements in cooperation with requirement engineers and accountable for the Technical-Backlog
  • Active participation in the continuous improvement of the software development process, including trainings sessions for colleagues
  • Implementation of development projects in interdisciplinary cooperation with other departments, external partners and research institutes

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